Felt Birdhouse Update

House for rent. Spacious one bedroom, roof recently bloomed. Dragonfly on the roof at no extra cost!

April 1st was a sunny, mild day in New Jersey. As the sun was shining through my window, I decided that the day had finally come to hang my felt birdhouse outside and see:

1. If any birds decided to reside in it

2. Could this seemly delicate wool birdhouse actually hold up to the elements and prove to be a viable bird house option?

Only time will tell! According to the weather forecast, it should have a day or two of dry weather before April’s showers return and the true test begins.

I do sincerely hope that it will last, and not just because I spent over $50 on this thing! It is very cute and it has perked up the yard, just by being there. One interesting thing I did notice already, because the felt is so light, it does sway in the breeze quite a lot. Hopefully that won’t be too much of a deterrent for potential renters. If no one shows any interest in the house by next week, I may relocate it to somewhere a little less exposed to the wind.

I am sure you are all as anxious as I am to see if I have any takers. I will keep you posted on any developments!

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